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Eric Vallone



Eric Vallone grew up in the heart of Silicon Valley, but would also frequently head into the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range, where he would backpack and rock climb. His second home was Hong Kong, which he visited often to see his extended family and to explore its multitude of islands, beaches, and mountains. He has been exposed to, and iterated upon, progressive educational and business cultures and principles his entire life. After studying international development economics he returned to his roots in the technology sector. Starting with business analysis and resource optimization and moving into technical project management, Eric’s systems thinking approach and unique insights led to him leading and managing large project teams responsible for global public facing sites of major multi-national corporations like Intel and Cisco. This is also when he began managing cross-cultural teams, and he was asked to lead the collaboration with partner agencies in Asia and Latin America.

These experiences increased Eric’s desire to strengthen his connections to Asia, and to expand his ability to help people discover and develop their strengths. He accepted a start-up leadership position at the new China-based satellite campus of the Chinese International School (CIS), Hong Kong, a world recognized and Asian leader in international education. Eric was immediately a keystone asset and as a result his role there expanded each year, where in addition to teaching human centered digital design full time, he collaborated directly with senior management on the creation and iteration of the positive education based, implicit and explicit well-being curriculum, the outdoor education curriculum, as well as the development of a four-week off timetable emergent experiential education and project based interdisciplinary program that is becoming a gold standard model for programs of its type at elite college preparatory schools around the world.

Always striving for personal progression in his own life, after architecting major evolution in that school’s programs Eric turned his sights on his next adventure working with an outdoor experience design firm based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand. He now applies his business and educational acumen and wide range of experience to continue to facilitate the personal and professional development of individuals, leaders, and teams, both in schools and professional organizations, helping them to become the best and most effective versions of themselves.