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About Lynnclaire

“Teachers first” is the foundational principle of BeLonging, a simple programme that honours educators as the unsung heroes of the planet, and empowers learners to resolve the complex social l their learning landscape of their learning environment.

Feeling, thinking and responsibly breaking down the boxes that others build to constrain one’s spirit comes naturally to Lynnclaire, and working with educators for 13-years has led to an understanding about why so many teachers are sick and tired of forcing kids to conform, when they know that authenticity is self-formed.

For 30-years Lynnclaire has worked in mathematics and physics, mapping a model that reveals why unity is the consequence of diversity. When this dynamic framework, known as the Mereon Matrix, revealed how all Nature’s fundamental forms fit into a single unified system, Team PlayGround was born. Initiated Starting in 2004 in Mirano, Venice, Italy, this programme it’s now is in its 13th year. The programmed is now known as BeLonging, and projects begin with an experience for teachers, a ‘ReVisioning Our LifeCourse’, a 3-day event that concludes with a half-day event for parents and community members. Students are then presented with Team PlayGround, a game of roles and responsibilities, where initial tasks are defined by teachers and parents. Kids are then immediately charged with responsibility for the social dimension of their learning environment. When teachers and learners understand that everyone counts and everyone matters, old ideas about ‘classroom management’ fade away and what happens in the classroom has been called, magic!