Eliad Group Affiliate Consultants are masters in their fields. We work with them on projects whenever we can. They bring so much to the table. Reach out directly or ask us about them!

Martin Cadée

Education Innovator and Entrepreneur, Rite of Passage Crafter
Martin is a master at breaking down the walls between education and the real world, and at crafting environment and experience to support transformative learning. As co-founder of KaosPilots.nl (now Knowmads), Martin demonstrated the value of learning by bringing our full selves to bear in engaging in real world projects in a co-creative environment.
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Lynnclaire Dennis

Scientific Researcher, Educator, Author, Artist
Lynnclaire is the author of the Mereon Matrix and the founder of the BeLonging Projects, a methodology for schools to “…focus on classroom climate and empower students from pre-school on up, to take responsibility for their own classroom management and climate.”
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Yeshi Eperjesi

Veteran Co-Creation Facilitator, Master of Experiential Learning
Founder of the largest corporate training company in Australia, Yeshi has a Master of Education, specializing in Sustainability and Leadership.
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Dan Kinzer

Educational Leader, Learning Ecologist, Experience & Ecosystem Designer
Dan is a top practitioner and trainer in experiential education, with global impact. He has helped transform schools through his work with Jump Foundation, with Planetwalk, and as in-house director of experiential learning at multiple schools, and continues to train and inspire through the programs he builds. (More about Dan…)

Brigitte Marshall Education Consultant Profile Photo

Brigitte Marshall

Organizational Health Wizard, Master Facilitator
Brigitte is an organization effectiveness practitioner whose work is informed by more than 25 years of professional experience in the public and non-profit sectors. Her current focus is on supporting the development of relationally healthy organizations through restorative practices .  (More about Brigitte…)

Bryan Rill, PhD

Anthropologist, Experience Designer, Catalyst
Bryan helps people tap into their creative potential and cultivate the leadership capacities needed for the 21st century. His focus is on helping people create more conscious and sustainable organizational cultures fit for the challenges of our time. A favorite quote, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” captures the essence of his approach to designing cultures of innovation. (more about Bryan…)

Carly Slater

White Hat Social Engineer, Catalyst of Learning Cultures
Carly is an experience designer extraordinaire. Her particular specialty is catalyzing environments and cultures where people have the space and permission to bring their full potential to bear. (More about Carly…)

Roman Stearns

Veteran Education Consultant
For nearly 30 years Roman has been an organizational change agent, working to transform education at the school, district, and state levels. As a professional coach, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Roman operates from a deep conviction that our youth deserve an education that fosters the qualities and skills that futurists, scholars, and researchers contend are needed to advance us toward a sustainable future.
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(photo by Rez N Da Riva)

Charles Tsai

“Maker Education” Champion, Speaker, Journalist, and Social Innovator
Charles is a media producer and social innovator working on multiple fronts to advance a new story of learning and education.
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Eric Vallone

Expeditionary and Emergent Learning Catalyst, Transformation Designer
Eric brings a valuable combination of design and business skills to education, allowing him to facilitate “learning and doing teams” to both have impact on the real world and develop critical skills in the participants. To round out his offerings, Eric is able to use experience design to help evolve both organizations and individuals. (More about Eric…)