Transforming how we work together deepens and expands the impact we bring to the world—in education; in business; in every area of human endeavor. To be prepared for the challenges and opportunities presented to us, and to navigate our institutions through them, we need to re-humanize our endeavor and tap into the power of collective intelligence. We need to revitalize organizations, bringing personnel into higher levels of engagement, productivity, and collaboration. 

The word ‘Eliad’ comes from the plant family ‘Bromeliad’. Bromeliads are self-sustaining plants, a recent stage in the evolution of life. Much like Bromeliads, we endeavor to support individuals and organizations to develop mindsets, skills and feedback loops to be self-sustaining. So together, we can all grow and adapt, and greet the future with open arms.

We deliver together on this promise through four core transformations.


Connect to purpose. Create alignment with strategy and vision to bring clarity and effectiveness to actions. 


Harness the collective potential inherent in any team with co-creative design. Leverage design thinking to catalyze breakthroughs and thrive.


Re-write the principles of engagement between individuals. Humanize interactions and unlock new opportunities for creativity, innovation and leadership.


Build capacity for innovation leadership and create space for a culture of growth. Cultivate awareness and agile learning to support high performing teams. 


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Learn how to bring co-creation into your organization with this guidebook for practitioners.

Meet some of our clients. See below for how we work with people. Let’s design together.

Digital NEST. USA.

Digital NEST is a non-profit, high-tech training and collaboration space for youth. But they realized tech wasn’t enough. Their challenge? How to intentionally develop ‘soft skills’, to truly prepare youth for the future they are entering. Our work with them? Human centered design and co-creation, with the emerging insight that the solution was not a new curriculum, but rather an expanded culture. Our long-term partnership focuses on building capacity in leadership and coaches to hold space for a culture of growth, designing onboarding experiences to prime the pump, and co-creating feedback loops and safe space for the culture to sustain and grow.
“Eric and Aaron at Eliad group are the two most capable and visionary consultants I have worked with in my 30+ year career in experiential education. As a team, they are an almost unbelievable combination of experts, analysts, facilitators and innovators. They truly embody best practice in consulting, simultaneously holding the work and being accountable to outcomes at the same time that they make sure that they listen, understand and are responsive to my needs as a client. They absolutely walk their talk.”

Steve Bean Enterprise Director, Digital Nest

Bay View Academy. USA.

Bay View Academy (BVA) – A public charter school committed to re-humanizing education for all. A young school transitioning from a startup to a sustaining organization, we began helping BVA clarify its vision and mission through co-creative, community processes, and continued with leadership and board development to ensure mirroring of organizational principles throughout the community. The school continues with a strong commitment to teacher training and community building around Restorative Practices, which it recognizes as the key element to transforming education: the relationships involved. Eliad Group brings its extensive experience in Restorative Practices and organizational transformation to support this endeavor from a strategic level as well as through embedded, day-to-day practices to shift to partnership with students as the basis for community-based learning.
“Thanks so much for all of your work supporting BVA. Your support has put us light years ahead of where we (I) would have been this year trying to do this alone. I’ve learned so much from you and our Restorative Justice implementation is something that I’m able to be really proud of because of the support I’ve received from you. 500 students, 55 staff members, 12 board members, 900 parents and 1 Head of school are profoundly impacted by the effort and work that you are doing. Thank you.”

Karina Barger Head of School

Major Credit Union (BankING). USA.

The challenge: how to bring intentional, meaning centered design into the creativity and innovation culture evolving there. The solution: mini-accelerators that dive into existing organizational problem spaces using design thinking and opportunity mapping, and at the same time build capacity around holding safe and brave spaces, tapping into other ways of knowing, and hacking our default ways of approaching challenges.
“…exceeded my expectations as well as those of our team.”

Joshua Ramey-Renk SPHR VP Learning & Organizational Development

Shikshankur: The Global School. India.

Shikshankur [shik-SHAN-koor] means “the seed of education”, and it is growing as a school in the foothills of the Himalayas in Dehradun, India, literally from the ground up. What is that seed? A deep, human connection, and a culture of equity. Co-creative practices have helped the Shikshankur leadership draw forth into actionable reality their vision and the program, practices, and team that will support it; from hiring, to scheduling, to training, to learning experience and space design, the eye is always on developing a self-sustaining organization with the capacity to continue to grow and adapt, in service of re-humanizing education.
“Really grateful to Aaron and the Eliad Group for the much needed handholding for our new venture. You’ve opened new perspectives for us and started our journey of being more human at Shikshankur. The design process you worked on with us will help us to use it more effectively. We feel more empowered now to work with our children differently. Aaron, you are a great mentor and team Shikshankur is looking forward to learning more from you.”

Rachna Joshi Principal

The Co-Creation Initiative. Laos.

The Co-Creation Initiative, our research-based community of practice, teamed up with the Brains on the Beach consulting network on a social enterprise project, partnering to empower marginalized communities. In January 2016 we travelled to Laos to help a group of local nonprofits, from sustainable farming to preschools and renewable energy. We co-created an informal social network and asset exchange, encouraging higher levels of trust and collaboration so that the NGOs could better leverage different and shared experiences for the benefit of all.
“What I got out of it was a chance to give my time, energy, and skills in a way that felt authentic and genuine, and fun. I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot from everyone.”

Rajil Executive Leadership Coach

Colorado Rockies. USA.

The Colorado Rockies have a pioneering education program focused on supporting new players who do not speak English as their primary language. We worked with the Rockies in expanding the program to build a culture of inclusion among players from all backgrounds, fostering open communication and authentic connection, resulting in greater team cohesion and trust.
“The engagement was transformational for our team-building program. We have conversations happening now that were previously too hot to touch, and participants asking when we will have time for more. Pure magic.”

Joshua Rosenthal Supervisor, Cultural Development, Colorado Rockies

Chinese International School. China.

What are the learning environments of the future? What do we get if we design learning experiences entirely around answering this question, free of the inherited structures and restrictions of “normal” school? Over the last several years, we have worked with the leadership and learning community of Hong Kong-based CIS to answer this question. The three-year-old Beyond program is an “anomalous space”, where the critical relationships in learning can evolve authentically: between teacher and student, learner and learning, school and community. This program is excursionary, equity-based, co-creative, and value-oriented, with coaches and students intensively exploring place-based projects of personal interest in cities around their local province. Back in the “regular” program, thematic, interdisciplinary “classes” benefit from the relationships explored in Beyond, to push the boundaries of academic pursuits in an evolving program.
“Eliad Group have been highly valued partners for Hangzhou CIS…in envisioning what is possible in education and in supporting our school community in evolving culture and teaching practices in support of our student-driven and co-creative learning environment.”

Richard Pratt Director, Hangzhou CIS

QUEST. Japan.

Each year we take a small group to Kumano, Japan for a Purpose Quest; a modern journey of transformation that helps each person to enrich and deepen their capacities as leaders and human beings. We create the optimum conditions to reconnect with each person’s unique purpose, which provides a source of energy and inspiration that aligns and empowers both ourselves and those around us. The Kumano Quest is an evolution of the vision quest, supporting our community with a year of coaching on outdoor living and how to integrate the insights gained into daily life and work.

“It’s been so long since I’ve truly invested in myself, let alone to spend a few days in isolation from society, with only my thoughts to keep me company. There are so many highlights from this trip, from the places we visited, the friendships we forged and the deep insights we gained, but the greatest value was taking time to chase my own thoughts and to also let them be. If there’s one retreat you do this year (or decade), then this is the one that you need to make time for. It’s the best investment you can make for yourself.”

James Bishop Co-founder, Brains on the Beach