Aaron has been transforming education since way back when he hacked his own high school experience. He has been creating and facilitating novel learning experiences for others ever since. Aaron is equally at home facilitating learning experiences with students, co-creating new definitions of success with cross-stakeholder school groups, and working with school administrations clarifying vision and developing strategic plans. Aaron believes there is nothing more important for a sustainable future than reframing how we approach education.

Tres has spent the majority of his career in the technology world, much of it focused on connecting skills and interests to build high functioning teams. In his time working with both startup and mature companies, he has developed a passion for understanding leadership and how organizations thrive on a foundation of healthy communication and constant iteration. His time in the professional world has given him a perspective on what organizations need that isn’t being delivered by our education system today, and in fact, he believes in challenging the notion that the worlds of education and professional even can or should be kept separate from one another. Personal growth (learning) is fostered within the sphere of organizational challenges, and organizational challenges are best met when they foster life long personal growth.

On paper, Marta does not fit the mold. Coming from deep within the Design world, Marta never planned to be neck deep in education but her creativity in thinking outside the box, her capacity to connect inconspicuous dots and her natural instinct to decode individuals and processes have naturally brought her to creating and facilitating learning experiences and to help organizations transform. Marta has always been passionate about education, and learning along with her three children has brought to the forefront for her how important education is to all of our futures. Her Design Thinking foundation informs her approach to every opportunity—be it facilitating co-creative problem solving with 1st grade students, with high school teachers, or with administrators seeking pathways to transform their organizations. When you see her in action, you will come to understand why we see Marta as our Design guru and people whisperer.