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Kyle King is originally from the Green Mountain State of Vermont. He holds a BS in Biology from Bates College and an MAT in Mathematics from Simmons College. After a short career in water quality management and watershed protection, he recognized a passion for working with youth. Since then, he has been an energized teacher for 16 years in a variety of educational settings. Kyle recognizes the value of balanced learning and with a holistic approach has developed programs and practices that have helped students reach soaring heights academically that make immediate and meaningful impacts on the world. By thinking beyond the classroom, Kyle sets up dynamic pathways that afford unique passion-based exploration. This is best exemplified in the Bio Bus Social Enterprise where he has orchestrated a community centered effort to take the lead in sustainable transportation in Indonesia. His students have used pathway learning opportunities to Ivy League acceptances, TEDx presentations and even the crowning of Miss Indonesia.

Kyle is currently Head of High School Mathematics at Green School and Executive Director of the Bio Bus Social Enterprise where he has lead authentic engagement in solution-based learning.

Kyle’s rich experience is an invaluable resource for schools looking to provide learning experiences through real world endeavor. Yes, he’s a great resource for biodiesel and alternative energy/transportation projects, but ultimately he’s a master of how you weave authentic endeavor and real-world impact into an academic program, and how a school can obtain and maintain such programs. Reach out to Kyle if you would like to hear more about his experience and approach to learning, or to share yours.

Gold Medal, Student Led Innovation at Whorton School of Business Re-imagine Education Awards and Conference, University of Pennslyvania, 2017

Winning Entry for Our Better World, Good Story Pitch Campaign, 2017

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