Roman Stearns

Senior Consultant

As a professional coach, facilitator, trainer, and consultant, Roman operates from a deep conviction that our youth deserve an education that fosters the qualities and skills that futurists, scholars, and researchers contend are needed to advance us toward a sustainable future. Yet, he knows that getting there is a humbling, collaborative process that involves valuing local experimentation and taking risks, creating the right conditions for organizational change, building trusting relationships, shifting hearts and minds, making strategic decisions, and ultimately adopting or adapting sustainable systems.

His humility and quiet confidence nurture trusting relationships with clients, who describe him as “a skilled communicator,” “a wise advisor,” and “patient facilitator who gets results.”

In working with clients, Roman leverages lessons from his years of experience to:

  • Engage multiple stakeholders in order to foster shared learning and broad-ranging support for decisions and actions
  • Build from existing assets to value past efforts and assure alignment and coherence
  • Collaborate to co-design, co-plan, and co-facilitate in ways that build local capacity and honor organizational and societal norms and values
  • Prepare well, but adapt to inevitable contingencies
  • Remain solution-minded; focus on reaching desired outcomes

Roman is a skilled coach who listens well, intuits adeptly, synthesizes quickly, understands internal politics and nuanced relationships, asks probing questions, honors confidentiality, and becomes a trusted partner.

Roman is an effective facilitator of small and large groups who prepares well, engages all participants, welcomes divergent thinkers, adapts to unexpected twists and turns, and keeps forward momentum to reach intended outcomes within designated timeframe.

Roman is an experienced trainer who designs client-centered interactive learning strategies, builds on participants’ existing knowledge and past work, models best practice, and incorporates action planning to immediately operationalize learning.

Roman is a valued consultant who is honest, hard-working, disciplined, diplomatic, strategic, and results-minded.

Below, see the unedited video of Roman’s recent keynote address at the Inspiration Festival in Ahmedabad, India, November, 2016: