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Tres Heffron


Tres has been in the corporate world for more than 23 years. After teaching himself to code software in one language after another, he took an interest in management and leadership. The shift was from the what of daily work to the how and eventually the why.

Being in the corporate trenches, there was ample evidence to Tres of common patterns of miscommunication, divergent corporate/personal goals, and lost opportunities for genuine creativity and innovation. Thinking there must be another way, he went back to school for his Masters of Management. After graduating, he increased his focus on the nuances of leadership that yield the greatest positive impacts on organizations.

Today, Tres works from models of organizational life that incorporate aspects of leadership, strategy, culture, and operational excellence that drive improved alignment between vision and implementation. At the foundation of all his work, you will find a passionate commitment to human potential, a trust in the value of emergence, and an attitude of lifelong learning.

Tres has held a number of leadership positions in both large and start-up companies, from Director of Program Management, to Vice President of Technology, and most recently as Vice President of Operations, representing the shift from product production to developing high functioning teams.