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Trudy Reeves Consultant / Business Growth Strategist

Trudy Reeves graduated from law school with an unusual specialty in regulatory compliance training, not from knowledge obtained in the curriculum that she studied, but from practical experience in putting herself through law school by teaching credit unions throughout Florida how to comply with an overwhelming number of new consumer credit laws. Her love of creating practical solutions to pressing problems grew from there.

As in-house counsel for a large regional bank, she re-drafted their wide variety of consumer contracts and forms into Plain English. Later, sensing an unmet need among smaller banks for legal work that only the large banks could afford, she created a co-op concept for smaller banks to share compliance training, legal advice, forms and other services, dramatically reducing their legal bills and streamlining the process of employee training and operational implementation. She brought that first-of-its-kind concept to the largest law firm in the US and co-founded a new profit center, growing the client group to over 100 banks within the first year.

After that experience, innovation became the theme of her livelihood. Working with organizations and entrepreneurs, she went on to create highly successful real estate sales programs, unique business plans and funding solutions for start-up companies, including Michael Jordan Golf, as well as nonprofit arms of for-profit companies. She also designed an entrepreneurship program and a popular experiential Business Communication course for California State University Monterey Bay.

Upon meeting Aaron Eden, Co-Founder of Eliad Group, Trudy discovered an uncanny synergy with the mission and work of the Group. Now, as their Business Growth Strategist, she carries Eliad Group’s message of co-creation and innovative thinking into corporate cultures. Eliad Group’s methods can transform pent-up individual and collective creative potential into enthusiastic participation, job satisfaction, peak performance, and magnetic outreach, spurring organizational success and touching the world beyond the workplace. Inspired by the human possibilities, Trudy locates fertile ground for planting the seeds of Eliad Group’s work.